Package org.almacha.achamaze

Class Summary
AchaMaze The class of the main program.
AchaMazeWindow The main program window.
DrawMaze This class enables you to display a maze (class Maze) on the screen.
FollowLeftWallAlgo An implementation of the "follow left wall" maze solving algorithm.
Maze This class represents a maze.
MazeExamples Maze examples.
MazeSolvingAlgorithm A class from which derive the classes that implement maze solving algorithm.
Player This class represents a player that is in the maze.
PlayerStateForMazeAlgo An instance of this class is given to a maze solving algorithm so that it knows the player situation.
PledgeAlgorithm An implementation of the Pledge Maze Solving Algorithm.

Enum Summary
Direction Represents a direction (North, East, South, West).

Exception Summary
AchaMazeException A class for AchaMaze exceptions.
CellDoesNotExistException An exception raised when a reference is made to a cell that does not exist.
PlayerCannotMoveException An exception raised when you request to move a player and it is not possible.
PlayerNotInMazeException An exception raised when a method which is only valid for a player in the maze is called on a player that is not in the maze.

Error Summary
AchaMazeBugError This exception is for cases that cannot happen unless there is a bug in one of the AchaMaze classes, or some other strange situation (RAM problem, etc.).
AchaMazeError A class for AchaMaze errors.